Psychotherapist Madrid

Psychotherapist Madrid

Psychotherapist in Madrid. Welcome to the practice of Charles E. Baekeland, a clinical psychologist in Madrid. The work of a psychoanalytic psychotherapist consists of helping the patient to resolve his or her emotional difficulties through acquiring deep and emotional self-awareness. This kind of work has similar goals to psychoanalysis and stems from the same theoretical background. If you wish to contact, click here, if you wish to know more, read on.


The therapeutic indication of psychoanalytical psychotherapy will be carefully assessed by the psychotherapist during the preliminary interviews between the patient and the psychotherapist in function of a series of variables pertaining to the patient and what the psychotherapist considers the minimum needs in order to undertake a beneficial treatment for the patient are.

The process of psychotherapy

Treatment imparted by a psychoanalytic psychotherapist usually takes place once or twice a week for some years; the patient is seated, can see the psychotherapist and is invited to speak as freely as possible. This setting favours a kind of work that is directed towards real events and relationships in the life of the patient. The goal of treatment is to discover what unconscious aspects of the patient are generating suffering and, through their emotional understanding, free himself or herself from them.

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