Psychologist Madrid

Psychologist Madrid

Psychologist in Madrid. Welcome to the practice of Charles E. Baekeland, a clinical psychologist in Madrid. The work of a clinical psychologist is it help the patient to eliminate symptoms and inhibitions, and to improve her or his quality of life through therapeutic work that is undertaken by talking within the context of an interpersonal relationship established between the psychologist and the patient. If you wish to contact, click here, if you wish to know more, read on.

Kinds of clinical psychologists

Clinical psychologists are experts in the provision of psychotherapy and they are trained within a concrete theoretical orientation. There currently exist many, but they all derive from four main schools: psychoanalytic, humanistic, cognitive-behavioural and systemic.


A psychologist who is psychoanalytically oriented will be a specialist in psychoanalytic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. The common goal of these two treatments is the deep, and careful, understanding of the unconscious roots of the difficulties that are generating suffering in the patient's life. To the extent that this understanding is achieved, the patient will be able to free herself or himself from these difficulties and/or have greater resources to face them.

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