Psychoanalyst Madrid

Psychoanalyst Madrid

Psychoanalyst in Madrid. Welcome to the practice of Charles E. Baekeland, a clinical psychologist-psychoanalyst in Madrid. The work of a psychoanalyst is to help the patient, within the framework of the most intensive and ambitious therapeutic treatment that exists, to discover, carefully, the unconscious roots of his or her difficulties in all their complexity in order to be free of them. If you wish to contact, click here, if you wish to know more, read on.


The therapeutic indication of psychoanalysis will be carefully assessed by the psychoanalyst during the preliminary interviews between the patient and the psychoanalyst in function of a series of variables pertaining to the patient. Psychoanalysis is not indicated for everybody and requires a certain degree of emotional strength and flexibility.

The process of psychoanalysis

Treatment imparted by a psychoanalyst usually takes place three, four or five times per week for some years; the patient lies down on the couch and the psychoanalyst is seated behind, out of sight. This highly specialized setting ––lying down, not seeing the analyst, the high frequency of sessions–– provides the best conditions for the patient to acquire intense and nuanced contact with his or her inner world. The goal is for it to be the deepest therapeutic work possible and for it to reach the least know strata of the unconscious.

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