International psychoanalytical congress

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(0) 30/09/2015 14:45h
International psychoanalytical congress

Every two years the International Psychoanalytical Association has a congress in one of its three regions: Europe, North America and South America.
The theme of the last Congress, celebrated in July, 2015, in Boston, was Psychoanalysis in a Changing World.
Psychoanalysts from all over the globe attend these Congresses as the IPA represents over 12,000 members from more than 50 component societies.
One of these members wrote a compelling article about her experience at the Congress and the what she found there: a focus on empirical research and science, openness to technology, a gender-balanced attendance, a vibrant and friendly atmosphere, and a recognition for the need to evolve with the world we live in.
Many psychoanalysts in Madrid would agree with her thoughts.
Read the article.

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