An introductory overview of psychoanalysis

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(0) 07/02/2017 10:01h
Overview of psychoanalysis

The International Psychoanalytical Association  ––founded by Freud in 1910, and federating 72 constituent societies worldwide–– has recently published an informative online article: "About Psychoanalysis".
It explains the origins of psychoanalysis, what it is for, Freud’s discoveries, the major schools of thought, the setting, how analysts train, ethical principles, and many other areas. 
Written by Cordelia Schmidt-Hellerau in Boston, Gábor Szõnyi in Budapest, and Raul Hartke in Porto Alegre, all three Training Analysts of the IPA, the article is an unbiased introduction to the field for those who wish to know more.
Read the article. 

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International Psychoanalysis, Psychoanalysis in Madrid

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